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Welcome to my Site.
I am Sergio, I create things on the Internet.
I'm  based in Madrid, Spain.

More about me

I'm the creator of Kithairon Sound, a project dedicated to providing Electronic Musicians with high quality tools and resources to create awesome music

Hello :D

I'm Sergio Peral Velázquez, born in Cantabria, Spain.

Since I discovered the world of Digital Marketing, coming from a Music Production background, I fell absolutelly in love with the combination of these two.

I've been messing around with Social Media and growing accounts to sell products from a young age. Since then, I've built dozens of Websites, grown accounts to tenths of thousands of followers, and I've sold many different products around the World. Right now I'm responsible for Kithairon Sound, and I'm happy to have provided my products to hundreds of satisfied customers.

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